SWF Bursaries

We are really pleased to be able to initiate this bursary programme for SWF full member clubs to support the development of competitive play in the region.

  • Bursaries will be available to defray the costs of attending CA qualification courses for coaches and referees.
  • Bursaries may also be available to defray the costs of developing handicapping and tournament management skills.

The aims of programme are

  • To increase the number of qualified coaches and referees in the SWF region
  • To improve and standardise the quality of handicapping in the SWF region
  • To increase the number of tournament managers in the SWF region

Amount of payment available

  • Successful applications will be re-imbursed at the rate of 20p per mile
  • This will be paid for one car only per course


  • Applications must be submitted and supported by the individual member’s club
  • The club must be a full member of the SWF
  • The course must take place within the SWF region

What we ask in return

  • We will encourage anyone who receives the bursary to use their skills within the SWF region rather than just within their club


  • Applications should be sent to the SWF secretary and contain the following information
    • Contact details for the supporting club
    • Contact details for the member
    • Details of the course to be attended
    • Statement of how the club and member will benefit from the course – how the skills learnt will be used
    • Statement of how the wider SWF region might benefit from this
  • The committee will make a decision – this should take no more than one week as it will normally be made by email discussion – and inform the club
  • Payment will normally be made on successful attainment of the qualification – this may not be the same as the date of the course
  • Where there is no qualification e.g. handicapping, payment will be made on receipt of a statement from the club that the course / event has been attended and that the member is using their skills within the club

Please download the SWF Bursary Application form here