Practice Routine

Cliff Jones - Issue 28 (2010)

This practice routine is designed to help with:

  • angled hoop running,
  • the slight pull associated with gentle take-offs
  • the five to seven yard roquet to the boundary ball
  • the familiarisation of stalking the ball


Start by placing a ball 12 inches in front of Hoop 1 as Y1 and another ball on the West yard line as R1. Run Hoop 1 to position Y2. Roquet R1, then take off back to position Y1. Notice the First Stalk Line leading to the stance position of the striker at Hoop1, also the Second Stalk Line leading to the stance position for the roquet. Observe also the Walk Lines A and B which act as a reminder to the striker as to the route that should be taken for stalking.

The Angled Hoop stroke should be aligned as illustrated above. The right hand side of the mallet head, the right side of the ball and the inside of the right hoop wire should all be in line. If the stalk has been correctly adhered to then the mallet will arrive at the centre of the ball automatically. A very smooth stroke should be played, making the ball roll, not skidding at the hoop.