Positive Croquet Thinking

Cliff Jones - Issue 29 (2011)

Be positive in all there is about a game of croquet.

Never doubt about succeeding.

Own the court, even when you are left in a very difficult position by your opponent. You can always make it a little less easy for your opponent and little less difficult for yourself.

Never practice a shot that has just gone wrong, it will only re-enforce bad muscle memory

Better to retake the good shot.

If you play very well and lose, be proud of that.

If you play well and win, be very happy.

If you play badly and win, be very grateful and then forget the game.

If you play badly and lose, immediately forget the game and think of a memorable win.

Strive for perfection - There is always a better place than where you presently are.

Think about every element of every stroke, then fulfill each one.

If you think you can, you will, If you think you can’t, you won’t.

Think not “If I hit” but “When I hit”.

Have a clear plan. Plan well ahead. If you fail to plan you plan to fail.

Think about making shots as easy as possible, think about alternatives.

Avoid all negative thoughts. Do not listen to negativity and avoid negative people.

Turn a deaf ear to stories of woe, of bad courts, of double bankers, of hills around hoops.

They do not concern you.

Enjoy the game, enjoy the company, enjoy croquet. It is a privilege to be blessed with the ability to play.