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The 2016 SWF AGM was held at the Batch Country House Hotel, Lympsham on Sunday 20th November. The Minutes can be found here and the approved motions can be found here very soon.

AC Handicap Doubles chart was modified in 2016. The latest version issued by the CA can be downloaded here. Do not use the chart found on the handicaps(Association and Golf) page. It will be replaced as soon as a technical solution for editing that page is found.

World Golf Croquet Team Championships: Bath Croquet Club and Camerton & Peasedown Croquet Club jointly hosted Tier 2 of the World Golf Croquet Championships in May 2016. There is a full report for you to read at leisure in the 2017 SWAN


Nailsea Short Lawn Tournament 2016 results: The overall winners were Nailsea Trendlewood. Full results can be found here.

GC Handicapping - CA Council adopts East Anglia Trial throughout domain

The CA has approved a new system for Golf Croquet handicaps, to be used for the 2016 season. Full details will be available on the CA website by the 10th February, but a summary can be downloaded here.


Revised copies of the 2017 League Rules for AC and GC can be downloaded here


The revised Constitution may be found here.


South West Croquet Academy announces courses for 2016

The South West Croquet Academy (SWCA) is now accepting priority bookings from members of SWF clubs for their 2016 range of courses.

"We have a fantastic range of AC, GC and Sports Psychology courses, which will be presented by some of the best coaches in the country, and details of these can be seen on our brand new website."

See for details of all the courses, the tutors and accommodation.


2015 AGM minutes can be downloaded here.


Lawn Maintenance: An article on the maintenance of croquet lawns can be downloaded here.


GC Handicap Conference: A report on the Conference can now be see here.


There is now a special page for SWF Tournaments as well as one for Coaching Courses.