Fixtures – Association Croquet

Saturday 21st April              at Swindon Kington Langley  V Swindon 2 - 5
Sunday 22nd April Bath North  V Dyffryn 1 - 4
Friday 4th May Swindon  V Cheltenham 3 - 2
Thursday 10th May Cheltenham  V Broadwas 5 - 2
Wednesday 30th May Broadwas  V Bath North 5 - 2
Saturday 2nd June Swindon  V Dyffryn 0 - 5
Monday 11th June Worcester Norton V Cheltenham 4 - 3
Saturday 16th June Cheltenham  V Kington Langley 3 - 4
Sunday 17th June Broadwas  V Dyffryn P - P
Friday 22nd June Cheltenham  V Bath North
Sunday 1st July Dyffryn  V Kington Langley
Tuesday 3rd July Worcester Norton  V Swindon
Friday 6th July Broadwas  V Worcester Norton
Sunday 8th July Kington Langley  V Bath North
Sunday 8th July Dyffryn  V Cheltenham
Saturday 14th July Worcester Norton  V Kington Langley
Sunday 22nd July Swindon  V Broadwas
Saturday 28th July Bath North  V Worcester Norton
Saturday 4th August Kington Langley  V Broadwas
Saturday 11th August Dyffryn  V Worcester Norton
Saturday 11th August Bath North  V Swindon

Saturday 12th May Kingston Maurward  V Nailsea Central 2 - 3
Sunday 20th May Weston Super Mare  V East Dorset 6 - 1
Wednesday 23rd May Camerton and Peasedown  V Weston Super Mare 3 - 2
Saturday 2nd June East Dorset  V Bristol
Tuesday 12th June Bath Central V Weston Super Mare 3 - 2
Saturday 16th June Nailsea Central  V Bristol
Sunday 17th June Camerton and Peasedown  V Bath Central 1 - 4
Saturday 23rd June Kingston Maurward  V Weston Super Mare
Saturday 30th June Bristol V Bath Central
Sunday 1st July Nailsea Central  V Camerton and Peasedown
Tuesday 3rd July Bristol V Camerton and Peasedown
Saturday 7th July Kingston Maurward  V Bath Central
Saturday 14th July Nailsea Central  V East Dorset
Saturday 21st July Weston Super Mare  V Bristol
Sunday 22nd July Bath Central  V East Dorset
Wednesday 25th July Weston Super Mare  V Nailsea Central
Wednesday 25th July Camerton and Peasedown  V Kingston Maurward
Thursday 2nd August Bristol  V Kingston Maurward
Friday 3rd August East Dorset  V Camerton and Peasedown
Sunday 5th August Bath Central  V Nailsea Central
Sunday 12th  August East Dorset  V Kingston Maurward

Saturday 28th April Exeter  V Nailsea South 4 - 3
Thursday 10th May Budleigh Salterton  V Lym Valley 4 - 3
Friday 18th May Exeter  V Budleigh Salterton 3 - 2
Saturday 19th May Sidmouth  V Lym Valley 6 - 1
Tuesday 29th May Cornwall  V Budleigh Salterton 6 - 1
Saturday 2nd June Exeter  V Sidmouth 5 - 0
Saturday 2nd June Taunton Deane  V Lym Valley 7 - 0
Monday 4th June Cornwall  V Nailsea South 3 - 4
Thursday 14th June Lym Valley  V Nailsea South 4 - 3
Friday 15th June Cornwall V Exeter 3 - 4
Tuesday 19th June Sidmouth  V Taunton Deane 2 - 5
Sunday 24th June Sidmouth  V Cornwall
Thursday 28th June Lym Valley  V Exeter
Sunday 1st July Nailsea South  V Budleigh Salterton
Monday 2nd July Taunton Deane  V Exeter
Thursday 5th July Lym Valley  V Cornwall
Thursday 12th July Nailsea South  V Sidmouth
Monday 16th July Taunton Deane  V Cornwall
Saturday 28th July Budleigh Salterton  V Taunton Deane
Friday 3rd August Budleigh Salterton V Sidmouth
Sunday 5th August Nailsea South V Taunton Deane

Sunday 29th April Swindon  V Kington Langley 1 - 4
Tuesday 19th June Worcester Norton  V Kington Langley 3 - 4
Saturday 30th June The Bears  V Worcester Norton
Sunday 8th July The Bears  V Swindon
Tuesday 10th July Nailsea North  V Worcester Norton
Sunday 15th July Kington Langley  V The Bears
Friday 20th July Swindon  V Worcester Norton
Saturday 21st July The Bears V Nailsea North
Saturday 28th July Nailsea North V Kington Langley
Saturday 4th August Swindon V Nailsea North

Thursday 10th May Bristol  V East Dorset 2 - 3
Saturday 19th May Bath  V Nailsea Central 1 - 6
Sunday 17th June

at E Dorset

Nailsea Central  V East Dorset 2 - 5
Saturday 30th June Nailsea Central  V Bristol
Saturday 30th June East Dorset  V Bath
Friday 6th July Bristol V Kingston Maurward
Tuesday 10th July Weston Super Mare Central  V Kingston Maurward
Friday 13th July East Dorset  V Weston Super Mare Central
Wednesday 18th July Bath  V Weston Super Mare Central
Saturday 21st July East Dorset  V Kingston Maurward
Tuesday 24th July Weston Super Mare Central  V Bristol
Tuesday 31st July Kingston Maurward  V Bath
Saturday 11th August Kingston Maurward  V Nailsea Central
Tuesday 14th August Bristol  V Bath
Saturday 18th August Nailsea Central  V Weston Super Mare Central

Tuesday 8th May Budleigh Salterton   V Sidmouth 4 - 3
Wednesday 9th May Exeter  V Taunton Deane 2 - 3
Tuesday 22nd May Sidmouth  V Taunton Deane 2 - 3
Wednesday 23rd May Exeter  V Lym Valley 2 - 3
Thursday 7th June Lym Valley  V Taunton Deane 2 - 3
Thursday 7th June Budleigh Salterton  V Weston Super Mare South 3 - 4
Tuesday 12th June Cornwall  V Budleigh Salterton
Wednesday 13th June Taunton Deane  V Weston Super Mare South 5 - 0
Monday 18th June Cornwall  V Weston Super Mare South 2 - 5
Wednesday 20th June Weston Super Mare South  V Sidmouth 5 - 2
Friday 22nd June Weston Super Mare South  V Exeter 3 - 0 w/o
Wednesday 27th June Exeter  V Budleigh Salterton
Friday 6th July Cornwall  V Exeter
Thursday 12th July Sidmouth  V Exeter
Monday 23rd July Budleigh Salterton  V Lym Valley
Monday 23rd July Taunton Deane  V Cornwall
Sunday 29th July Sidmouth  V Cornwall
Wednesday 1st August Weston Super Mare South  V Lym Valley
Thursday 2nd August Lym Valley  V Cornwall
Thursday 9th August Lym Valley  V Sidmouth
Tuesday 14th August Taunton Deane  V Budleigh Salterton

Tuesday 22nd May Cheltenham V Bath 5 - 2
Friday 8th June Llandaff V Cheltenham 2 - 3
Saturday 9th June Bath V Kington Langley 5 - 0
Saturday 16th June Cheltenham V Kington Langley 4 - 1
Wednesday 27th June Weston Super Mare North V The Bears
Saturday 30th June Kington Langley V Llandaff
Saturday 7th July Kington Langley V Weston Super Mare North
Saturday 7th July The Bears V Bath
Monday 9th July Llandaff V Weston Super Mare North
Saturday 14th July Kington Langley V The Bears
Friday 20th July The Bears V Cheltenham
Wednesday 25th July Bath V Llandaff
Friday 3rd August The Bears V Llandaff
Weston Super Mare North Bath V Weston Super Mare North
Friday 17th August Weston Super Mare North V Cheltenham

Friday 11th May Camerton and Peasedown V Kingston Maurward 4 - 3
Thursday 17th May Bristol V Lym Valley 5 - 2
Thursday 31st May Lym Valley V East Dorset 1 - 4
Thursday 7th June Kingston Maurward V Bristol 5 - 2
Saturday 16th June East Dorset V Camerton and Peasedown 4 - 1
Thursday 21st June Lym Valley V Weston Super Mare Central
Tuesday 26th June Kingston Maurward V Weston Super Mare Central
Friday 29th June East Dorset V Kingston Maurward
Friday 6th July Weston Super Mare Central V Camerton and Peasedown
Thursday 12th July Kingston Maurward V Lym Valley
Friday 13th July Camerton and Peasedown V Bristol
Thursday 26th July Bristol V East Dorset
Friday 27th July Camerton and Peasedown V Lym Valley
Friday 10th August Weston Super Mare Central V East Dorset
Saturday 11th August Weston Super Mare Central V Bristol

Friday 4th May Wellington V Sidmouth 3 - 2
Monday 28th May Budleigh Salterton V Wellington 4 - 1
Friday 8th June Wellington V Exeter 5 - 0
Wednesday 20th June Exeter V Cornwall 4 - 3
Friday 29th June Cornwall V Budleigh Salterton
Sunday 1st July Sidmouth V Cornwall
Wednesday 11th July Exeter V Budleigh Salterton
Wednesday 18th July Exeter V Sidmouth
Thursday 2nd August Sidmouth V Budleigh Salterton
Monday 13th August Cornwall V Wellington

Saturday 21st April Cheltenham V East Dorset 3 - 4
Saturday 12th May        at Cheltenham Dyffryn V Cheltenham 1 - 6
Saturday 16th June Nailsea V Cheltenham p - p
Saturday 30th June Cheltenham V Bristol
Sunday 1st July East Dorset V Nailsea
Sunday 29th July Bristol V Dyffryn
Sunday 5th August East Dorset V Dyffryn
Sunday 12th August Nailsea V Bristol
Sunday 19th August      at Nailsea Dyffryn V Nailsea
Sunday 2nd September Bristol V East Dorset

Sunday 29th April Bath  V Nailsea 2nds 3 - 2
Saturday 12th May Budleigh Salterton  V Bath 0 - 5
Tuesday 22nd May Budleigh Salterton  V Nailsea 2nds 2 - 3
Wednesday 6th June Budleigh Salterton  V Taunton Deane 2 - 5
Saturday 23rd June Bath  V Taunton Deane P - P
Saturday 14th July Nailsea 2nds  V Bath
Wednesday 25th July Taunton Deane  V Budleigh Salterton
Sunday 29th July Bath  V Budleigh Salterton
Thursday 16th August Nailsea 2nds  V Budleigh Salterton
Thursday 23rd August Nailsea 2nds  V Taunton Deane
Tuesday 28th August Taunton Deane  V Nailsea 2nds
Saturday 1st September Taunton Deane  V Bath

Thursday 26th April Bristol A  V Bristol B 7 - 0
Tuesday 15th May Bristol B  V Bristol A 1 - 6
Thursday 24th May Bristol A  V Cheltenham 2nds 6 - 1
Wednesday 30th May The Bears  V Cheltenham 2nds 2 - 3
Tuesday 12th June Cheltenham 2nds  V Bristol B 4 - 3
Sunday 17th June Bristol B  V The Bears 3 - 4
Monday 25th June Cheltenham 2nds  V The Bears
Sunday 1st July Bristol A  V The Bears
Tuesday 10th July Bristol B  V Cheltenham 2nds
Wednesday 12th July Cheltenham 2nds V Bristol A
Saturday 28th July The Bears  V Bristol B
Monday 30th July The Bears  V Bristol A

Thursday 26th April Sidmouth A  V Sidmouth B 7 - 0
Tuesday 8th May Sidmouth B  V Sidmouth A 2 - 5
Saturday 26th May Sidmouth B  V Nailsea 3rds 5 - 2
Thursday 31st May Sidmouth A  V Nailsea 3rds 5 - 2
Thursday 5th July Nailsea 3rds  V Sidmouth A
Saturday 28th July Nailsea 3rds  V Sidmouth B

Saturday 29th September Cheltenham FEDERATION LEAGUE FINAL North P/off winners
Sunday 30th September Budleigh Salterton INTERMEDIATE LEAGUE FINAL North P/off winners
Saturday 29th September Kington Langley B-LEAGUE FINAL South P/off winners
PARKSTONE PROMOTION PLAY-OFF A Winner of Division 2 Bottom of Division 1
PARKSTONE PROMOTION PLAY-OFF B Winner of Division 3 p/off Bottom of Division 2
Sunday 16th September Taunton Deane PARKSTONE DIVISION 3 PLAY-OFF Sidmouth A North